Women are at the epicenter of the Alzheimer's crisis.

That's why we must be at the heart of solution. - Maria Shriver

What can we do to prevent Alzheimer’s or age-related cognitive decline? While there is no definitive answer to that question, there is growing evidence that a healthy lifestyle can delay, slow, or even prevent Alzheimer’s and other dementias. The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement’s goal is to empower people and organizations by educating them about accessible lifestyle choices that help delay or prevent brain disease and promote healthy minds. We do this by engaging and convening leading scientists and experts in all areas of brain and mind health, including nutrition, fitness, sleep, meditation and caregiving. Read below to learn more about the positive effects that a healthy diet, physical activity, stress reduction and a variety of lifestyle choices can have on your brain health and overall well-being.

How Dance and Movement Can Help Foster Identity

BY ERICA HORNTHAL, LCPC, BC-DMT Movement is a vital component of life. Although it is often associated with exercise, it’s important for us to remember that movement is an overarching umbrella involving body language, non-verbal communication, gesturing, posture, and...

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Why You Should Aim to Avoid Inflammatory Foods

BY DR. DALE BREDESEN Cognitive decline is largely a matter of three fundamental threats to our brain: inflammation; a shortage of brain-boosting nutrients, hormones, and other cognition-supporting molecules; and toxic exposure. What we call Alzheimer’s disease is a...

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Get Creative: Pair Your Physical Movement With Music

BY DEBORAH SHOUSE "I move, therefore I am." — Haruki Murakami  During my mother’s journey through dementia, my dad was determined to keep her moving—walking, swimming, and gardening. He was determined to move her through her confusion. My father intuitively understood...

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Brain-Healthy Tips From Our Move For Minds Experts

Below are valuable insights from our community of experts - scientists, researchers, nutritionists, advocates, caregivers, and more — who participated in our 2017 Move For Minds events across the country. To learn more about the event and help us wipe out Alzheimer's,...

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Three Tips For a Strong, Rested Mind

BY CHRIS SHELTON As a practitioner of the ancient healing art of Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine, I treat people with conditions ranging from chronic pain to dementia. When a person comes to see me with a sadly common and heart-breaking affliction like...

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12 Books to Get Smart on Brain Health

Through our work, we’ve come across a plethora of resources on how to take care of and optimize your mind. Now, for easy ready, we’ve put together a roundup of the books and authors that we’ve featured all in one place.

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