WAM is pleased to present a new video series to help explain what is going on inside the female – or the XX brain — at different stages of life. Change and transition in our bodies can be mysterious and frightening, but certainly less so if we understand what’s happening – and why.

This series answers questions to help every girl and woman embrace and respect the impact of her amazing brain by explaining in simple, accessible terms, the power the brain has over her life, why it’s important to protect—and provides tips on how to do so.

Start by understanding what makes an XX brain different from a male XY brain.

Based on the best neuroscience and medical expertise available and produced by the compelling storytellers working with renowned journalist Maria Shriver, our goal is to offer girls and women, mothers and daughters, a way to start the conversation we all need to have: the one about how our brains work and orchestrate the incredible biological dance that distinguishes the XX Brain from the XY Brain.

Enjoy all seven episodes!


Episode 1 – What is an “XX” Brain?

Episode 2 – Puberty and the Brain

Episode 3 – Keeping Your Brain Healthy During Puberty

Episode 4 – The Pregnant Brain

Episode 5 – The PostPartum Brain

Episode 6 – Perimenopause: What’s Happening in Your Brain? 

Episode 7 – Menopause and a Woman’s Brain