In 2003, Maria Shriver’s father, Sargent Shriver, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, a disease about which she and her family knew very little at the time. Putting her skills as an award winning  journalist and best-selling author to work, Maria has used the subsequent years to become one of today’s most internationally recognized Alzheimer’s advocates and a force behind getting the disease recognized as a women’s issue. Whether as journalist, author, activist, former first lady of California or mother of four, Maria’s singular path to helping bring Alzheimer’s and the subject of brain health into the open has had a profound impact on the lives of those living with the disease and their loved ones.



  • CA GOVERNOR’S TASK FORCE ON ALZHEIMER’S PREVENTION AND PREPAREDNESS: In 2019, Shriver was appointed Task Force Chair by CA Governor Gavin Newsom. Under Maria’s leadership, the Task Force is charged with developing recommendations to the Governor on how local communities, private organizations, businesses, government and families can prevent and prepare for the rise in the number of cases of Alzheimer’s disease and forge a bold path forward for an aging state and its families. (2019-2020)
  • COLOR YOUR MIND: In 2017, Shriver published Color Your Mind, the first-ever coloring book for people with Alzheimer’s and the people who love them.
  • LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: In March 2017, The Alzheimer’s Association awarded Shriver with its first-ever Lifetime Achievement Award, recognizing her for using her voice and her platforms to significantly move the needle on the public’s awareness of this disease.
  • THE WOMEN’S ALZHEIMER’S MOVEMENT: The Challenge evolved into the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement, focused on the disproportionate impact that Alzheimer’s has on women both as those who suffer from it and those who care for their loved ones with it.
  • GLOBAL MOVEMENT OF WOMEN: In 2015, Maria launched the Wipe Out Alzheimer’s Challenge, in partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association, challenging a global community of women to get educated, empowered, and engaged in the fight against Alzheimer’s.
  • FIRST WOMEN’S ALZHEIMER’S RESEARCH FUND: Maria and The Shriver Report inspired the Alzheimer’s Association to create the first-of-its-kind Women’s Alzheimer’s Research Fund where 100% of the proceeds support women’s brain research. (2015)
  • “STILL ALICE” EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Maria executive produced Sony Classic Picture’s Academy Award winning “Still Alice” and used that moment to talk about the misperception that Alzheimer’s is just a disease that affects an aging population. (2014)
  • “SHRIVER REPORT: A WOMAN’S NATION TAKES ON ALZHEIMER’S”: In partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association, Maria Shriver released groundbreaking findings and stories that forever changed the narrative of Alzheimer’s disease. It reported for the first time the disproportionate effect Alzheimer’s has on women. (2010)
  • MARIA SHRIVER’S MARCH TO END ALZHEIMER’S: Maria organized the first ever March to End Alzheimer’s, a multigenerational 5K “march” in Long Beach, CA. The inspiring event raised over $270,000 dollars for the Alzheimer’s Association and served as the kick-off to The Women’s Conference, then the nation’s premier gathering of women. (2010)
  • CONGRESSIONAL TESTIMONY: Maria testified before Congress on Alzheimer’s disease alongside Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and Former Speaker Newt Gingrich, which preceded passage of the groundbreaking National Alzheimer’s Project Act.
  • HBO “ALZHEIMER’S PROJECT”: Maria executive produced the Emmy award winning, multi-platform series “The Alzheimer’s Project” with HBO. The segment, “Grandpa, Do You Know Who I Am?” received the Television Academy’s “Outstanding Children’s Nonfiction Program” award. (2009)
  • BESTSELLING CHILDREN’S BOOK: Maria authored the bestselling children’s book “What’s Happening to Grandpa” to help young children understand the disease’s devastating effects.