We are proud to announce that WAM founder Maria Shriver and her son Patrick Schwarzenegger have launched MOSH, a mission-driven brain health and wellness brand, that will be donating a portion of the proceeds to help WAM fund women-based Alzheimer’s research. In September, the company will debut a line of brain healthy protein bars specially formulated with 7 superfood ingredients and nutrients including lion’s mane, ashwagandha, MCT’s, omega-3s, collagen, vitamins B12 and D3—all ingredients that have been shown to nourish the brain.

“At MOSH, your mind is our mission,” said Maria Shriver.  “We aspire to inspire consumers of every generation and stage of life to proactively care for the health of their brain and empower them to take action through research, education, advocacy and nutrition.”

As recently announced in Maria’s Sunday Newsletter, the company will be hosting a Year Supply Giveaway and invites everyone a chance to receive a year’s supply of MOSH protein bars.

MOSH protein bars will be available for purchase via the company’s website in September at www.moshlife.com.