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CA Governor’s Task Force

In early 2019 California Governor Gavin Newsom appointed WAM founder Maria Shriver to chair the CA Governor’s Task Force on Alzheimer’s Prevention, Preparedness and a Path Forward. The Task Force is comprised of 30 diverse individuals who have expertise or experience with Alzheimer’s and related issues, including WAM’s Erin Mulcahy Stein (and Alexandra Gleysteen, who sits on the Task Force’s Brain Trust). Under Maria’s leadership, the Task Force is charged with developing recommendations to Governor Newsom on how local communities, private organizations, businesses, government and families can prevent and prepare for the rise in the number of cases of Alzheimer’s disease and forge a bold path forward for families. The Task Force will deliver these recommendations to the Governor in December 2020.


Annual National Poll

In collaboration with Caring Across Generations (CAG), WAM conducted a nationwide poll released in November 2019. The poll revealed that Americans are woefully unprepared for the cost and burden of Alzheimer’s and caregiving at almost every stage of life. Also a surprising 82% of the country said it favors the creation of a new federal program that Americans would pay into for access to child and elder care support when needed. This legislative idea is particularly important and urgent for the almost 6 million American families struggling with the demands of caregiving for someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia and the 16 million Americans providing unpaid care.