Maria Shriver Reports on Game-Changing Brain Fitness Program

On July 25, Maria Shriver reported for TODAY about a major study that has determined a brain fitness program with the ability to fight the symptoms of aging.

Shriver reported that this new brain fitness program, BrainHQ, “is a series of mental exercises you do for about an hour a day, all designed by scientists to turn back the clock on your brain.” The program’s purpose is to sharpen your brain speed and accuracy, which as Shriver reported, are the “fundamentals for better memory and thinking skills.”

No matter what your age, everyone has the ability to improve their memory. Top neuroscientist and the founder of BrainHQ, Dr. Michael Merzenich said, “We are trying to regrow your brain speed. You have a capacity to continue to grow to the end of your life. You don’t have to go into retreat.”

Shriver reported, “In a new long term study of over 2800 seniors funded by the National Institutes of Health, researchers found those that took just several weeks of BrainHQ’s speed training had up to a 48% lower risk of dementia than others even 10 years after they stopped the program.” She also added, “Trainees had fewer at-fault car crashes and a much lower risk of depression.”

BrainHQ has a monthly cost between $8 and $14 but can be found for free at many libraries and senior centers.

Watch the full TODAY report here to learn more about the BrainHQ program: