Maria Shriver Reports on Program That Reverses Cognitive Decline

A new experimental program from California neurologist Dr. Dale Bredesen is showing positive results in patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

On November 3, Maria Shriver reported for the TODAY special series “Brain Power Today” on Bredesen’s program, which is designed to fix several imbalances in the body that Bredesen believes are linked to Alzheimer’s.

“We spent 27 years in a laboratory looking at what are the features that drive the underlying problem,” Bredesen told Shriver.

His protocol, called the Bredesen Program, includes eating a Mediterranean diet high in vegetables and good fats, cardio exercise, fasting after dinner and at least eight hours of sleep.

“You’re saying that all of these things done together reverses cognitive impairment and/or Alzheimer’s?” Shriver asked.

“Yes, we see improvement time after time after time,” Bredesen replied.

One published study found that his program boosted cognitive functioning in nine out of ten Alzheimer’s patients. The program’s subjects are already seeing results, including Deborah, a mother of four who started noticing cognitive decline in her 40s.

“I think mentally, I feel at least in my 30s. It’s amazing,” she said.

Bredesen said his program only works for patients in the early stages of the disease. He has now partnered with the Cleveland Clinic for a larger clinical trial of his program.

Watch Shriver’s full report for TODAY: