Ashley Sanderlin, PhD

Dr. Ashley Sanderlin is one of the nine 2020 WAM Research Grants Recipients and one of four research studies WAM is funding as part of the Alzheimer’s Association RAPID program, designed by the Alzheimer’s Association to help accelerate research studies interrupted by Covid. Dr. Sanderlin’s interest in studying the brain began in high school when her grandmother started experiencing memory loss, eventually progressing into Alzheimer’s disease. Wanting to know more about the connection between sleep, Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) and diet, Dr. Sanderlin’s trial participants will consume a modified Mediterranean ketogenic diet for four months. Ultimately study is hoping to determine if a low carbohydrate diet can improve sleep and brain function and improve quality of life in people with MCI. 


More about Dr. Ashley Sanderlin

Ashley H. Sanderlin, PhD is a passionate researcher that investigates modifiable risk factors and early interventions for Alzheimer’s disease. She received a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology from Bowling Green State University where she conducted research as a Ronald E. McNair Scholar. She then went on to attain a PhD in Neuroscience from Michigan State University. There, Dr. Sanderlin worked with Alzheimer’s disease patients and people with mild cognitive impairment as the lead psychometrist in the Department of Neurology. Her doctoral work focused on the interactions of body mass index, mood and behavioral changes, and their relationship with brain structure and function. As research faculty at Wake Forest School of Medicine, Dr. Sanderlin’s research encompasses clinical intervention trials, specifically focused on the relationship of diet intervention on biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Sanderlin is a recipient of the Alzheimer’s Research Fellowship to Promote Diversity from the Alzheimer’s Association that assesses the impact of a modified Mediterranean ketogenic diet on sleep quality in adults with mild cognitive impairment.

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