Mary Catherine, a blonde woman in middle age wearing a blue sweater, leans affectionately towards her husband, Greg, also middle aged. He has white hair and wears glasses, He is also wearing a blue sweater.

WAM Founder and Strategic Partner to Cleveland Clinic on Women’s Heath and Alzheimer’s, Maria Shriver, brought together top experts In brain health and Alzheimer’s prevention for an incredible weekend to educate women about every aspect of their health, especially their cognitive well-being. Held November 9-12th, 2023, the featured speakers included Cleveland Clinic’s, Pelin Batur, MD, an internist with expertise in menopause and sexual health; physician and culinary instructor Annie Fenn, MD; Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology Wendy Suzuki, PhD; Diane Button, a practicing death doula; journalist and Alzheimer’s advocate Liz Hernandez; women’s poker champion Lena Evans; and well-being educator Devi Brown. They all lectured and led workshops in their various areas of expertise, and mingled with the 70 guests over brain healthy meals.

In its second year, the Women’s Wellness Weekend has become a valuable resource for women seeking information and actionable steps leading to a healthier, more holistic life. Classes in yoga, Pilates and meditation were accompanied by brain-healthy cooking demonstrations, high-intensity and low-impact workout sessions, and daily hikes. It was an incredible weekend experience building community among the 70 women assembled, all of whom left with greater understanding of Alzheimer’s prevention and a clear roadmap to improving their cognitive well-being.