By Tara Middleton

Ever since I could write, poetry has been a cathartic channel for healing, raw self-expression and true connection. Along my own mental health journey, the art has allowed me to heal through a creative and vulnerable lens.

This poem was inspired by the current vortex of uncertainty that has recently rattled our world. Although faced with these unprecedented and terrifying circumstances, the resilient human race can and will come out of this stronger and more connected than ever before. In the deep crevice of darkness, we must try and remember that there is always a way to see your way through.

About the Author
Tara Middleton’s paternal grandmother passed away from Alzheimer’s a few years ago. Middleton was also a caregiver for a personal mentor who was diagnosed about 10 years ago. Her mother, Carol Middleton, is an active WAM fundraiser, and Tara have been an advocate for the advancement of Alzheimer’s research and positive change.