I lost my mom on 9/27/2017, which her name is Grace, and I want to join the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement through Grace. As her spirit is speaking to me, in helping with research on a cure to end this horrible disease that affects the lives of our loved ones and caregivers of our loved ones, we watch this disease attack and destroy the brains of our loved ones and wipe out years of memory of their lives. I want to be a voice and a part of a movement to contribute and raise funds and awareness for caregivers who are lending their time to care for a loved one due to lossed wages and financial strains. I want to be a voice to help other families and caregivers receive the support financially, which will relieve the stress from caregivers, and he/she will be able to care and give their love and the care and attention they need daily. My mom was a very strong, faithful, and spiritual mother. Even through her fight with dementia, she stood strong and allowed God to use her as a purpose to help her children see through all the pain of this horrible disease, which can affect your life and rob years of your memory. If we keep the faith in God and know that God is right by our side through every trial and tribulation to the end, we will be awarded with the morning star and given the crown of life after death. My mom is now at peace and enjoying life in her new home with God ….RParks