We weren’t prepared for what the doctor had to say that day. And yet here we are, 5 years later, and through a course of medicines that did nothing, and dealing with the anger of having to grieve my mother every single day as this disease slowly takes more and more of her away from me, I find hope in being able to give care for my mother. Even though I’m only 35 and should be having BBQ’s and loud sleepovers for my kids, we all do whats best for mom, and that is to love her the way she need to be loved on any given day. I quit my job and have been with her full time for over 3 years. I find so much peace and strength in volunteering, educating myself and others, getting involved, and I plan to continue my work long after my momma leaves this earth. I know later, that every time I see a hummingbird, it’ll be her, saying hello and making sure I’m okay. She’s a natural caregiver. I don’t see death stopping her from that.