My father died from Alzheimer’s and 2 yrs later,my mom at 80 was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and released to hospice care. Desperate, I researched “who has survived late term heart failure” and found studies that showed eating a Whole Food Plant Based Diet may reverse her condition. We fed her tiny meals for a year, she gradually got better and her heart function is near normal. She’s 86 now, swims 4 times a week and healthy.

I don’t have many regrets, but one is I didn’t know the impact of diet on brain health when my Dad was first diagnosed in his mid 60’s. Brain health is multi-faceted but I believe we could have mitigated the progression of his disease by limiting processed foods and including more plant-based meals in his diet.

Becoming a part of the solution:
I started an organic whole food plant-based food company, we deliver fresh ready made meals direct to customers nationwide. Our goal is to make it easier for people to shift to a healthier diet and to educate communities about the impact of food choices on their health.