When I was 16, my grandfather was challenged with dementia/Alzheimer’s and lived with us for a short time. At 23 and newly married, I was a CNA coordinator and therapy aide working at a skilled nursing facility in Southern California. Little did I know at the time, this experience would prepare me for the future. My father died of cancer when I was 26, and as the only girl in my family and with a new discovery that I am naturally a caregiver, I took care of him in his last living months and then I took care of my mom in new ways. At the age of 45, I found myself as a member of the sandwich generation raising four kids with my husband and caring for my mom who has developed Alzheimer’s. Although there have been many blessings, the effects of this disease on my mom, myself, and my family often cannot be put into words. It can be hard to cope with, talk about and share difficult situations. Living with someone who has Alzheimer’s is unlike my other caregiving roles. For a long time, I resisted writing about my experience. But with the encouragement from individuals I have met in the Alzheimer’s community, I now share my story openly and freely to bring more awareness to this indescribable disease and all it entails. I hope to help others going through similar situations and to lighten feelings of hopelessness and loneliness. Even when family and friends surround an individual, one can feel very alone as he or she navigates through this disease with their loved one. I hope that readers find a home through my writings on my blog, The Wholly Middle. Together, we can make beautiful things happen for the greater good of Alzheimer’s.