My mother, Mary Verhovek, is 87 and has been living with dementia for the past 5-6 years. My father, Jim, also had dementia.

It’s been difficult. My siblings and I have been going through the confusing task of navigating this complicated disease and what to do for a long time.

Since my dad has passed almost 6 years ago my sisters and I have seen our mothers steady decline. She was a devoted wife, mother and grandmother. She had tons of friends. She was fun, stylish and feisty! She was always positive! Thankfully, we still see glimpses of all of these wonderful attributes despite her disease.

But my sisters and I are worried that we’re next. I want to help all of us who are living with this fear. I’m ready to get going and get involved, not only for my sisters and I, but for all of us out there.