My Mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s about 8 years ago. We kept her at home and cared for her for 4.5 years. My Father cared for her weekly with the assistance of my sister and I. On the week-ends my brothers and my sister would all rotate so that my Father could continue to preach at the local church. However, eventually it became apparent that he was going to have to retire permanently to care for her. During these week-end visits they became personal individual visits for me because she was still pretty functional and reasonable. However, if Dad was gone for long periods she would become unreasonable and the raging would happen.

Needless to say eventually she fell and had a slight fracture in her hip and it was no longer safe for her to be at home under the care of my Father alone. She was 82 at the time. She is now 85 and has been in a home for 2.5 years. Her health has declined considerably. She still speaks sometimes. She doesn’t know who we are although we are familiar to her, she says I love you and kisses good bye. She knows who my Father is, after 60+ years of marriage and 5 children, what a miracle. He visits every morning. One of the children visits every evening. It has been a journey of pain, love and heartbreak. I do have to say as long as I get an love you too, and a kiss goodbye, when I leave! I’m good.