My mom passed @ 97 1/2 years old, with far reaching long term memory, oftentimes placing herself in those “moments.” It became almost a game responding to “Did you see them on your way here,” when “them” had been deceased for some 30 years. Or, when on a Friday, reminding me to go by my cousin’s house because they would be looking for us to come by for fried fish. They, too had been deceased years before. The stories are endless, but I did capture some history that she had not before revealed. Then, there was the “wait for it” moments of her being able to talk about today’s visitors, 3 days to a week later. We were blessed as a family to not experience physically harmful & other devastating results of this brain disfunction! I am actively taking measures in attempt to prevent Alzheimer’s & get help for a healthy brain life. So many unknowns!