When I was only 10, my great grandmother, “Janie B”, no longer knew my name. That same strong woman who shared my love for vanilla ice cream and laughed at our family jokes could only stare blankly at my face. I miss her; but, unfortunately, that’s not where Alzheimer’s stopped. My grandmother, Mary, has lived with the same diagnosis for the last decade. I never imagined a future in which my Grandmother would lose our special memories. In this past year alone, my grandmother’s quick decline created a need for Memory Care. Within six months, she qualified for HOSPICE Home Health Care. Gone is the independent and self-sufficient woman I once knew. Her life is now totally dependent on my family. As a young advocate partnering with the Central Georgia Alzheimer’s Association, countless opportunities are enabling me to initiate change to #ENDALZ in my community, my state and across the nation. After advocating for the BOLD Infrastructure Act, it was signed into law this year – the beginning of successfully bridging the gap to provide caregivers stability both financially and emotionally. I am honored to be a part of a movement to #ENDALZ.