WAM’s Move for Minds 2019 was hugely successful, and it’s all thanks to our amazing supporters and sponsors! Over 1500 people generously contributed to make a difference by raising money for critical women-based Alzheimer’s research. Thanks to you, WAM will be adding to the 18 research grants we have already funded at leading institutions around the country.

Held at Equinox Sports Club Los Angeles on November 2nd, Move for Minds 2019 was an amazing experience designed to transform the mind, body, and spirit. Our founder Maria Shriver was joined onstage by an illustrious panel of experts: Roberta Brinton PhD, Jessica Caldwell PhD, Josh Grill PhD, Richard Isaacson MD, Lisa Mosconi PhD, Drew Ramsey MD, and Wendy Suzuki PhD., as well as a prestigious lineup that included meditation practitioners, fitness instructors, celebrity advocates and chefs who, along with top health and wellness brands, brought us the latest cutting edge information and practices designed to protect our brains throughout life.

“This incredible event was a success because of the rich variety of what our attendees experienced,” said Shriver. “It was a combination of top experts giving cutting edge information mixed with fantastic workouts and delicious brain-healthy food. The day-long event also brought moments of poignancy—like attendee Bob Linscheid’s touching tribute to his wife—as well as laughter, like actor Seth Rogan joking about his being a spokesperson for Alzheimer’s awareness.”

Now in its fifth year, Move for Minds remains a groundbreaking, annual fundraising initiative that educates the public about the latest in Alzheimer’s research and advocates lifestyle changes people can make today to support better brain health long-term. Funds raised through Move for Minds are used to accelerate women-based Alzheimer’s research, since women account for two out of three cases of the disease and comprise two-thirds of all caregivers. Move for Minds recognizes Alzheimer’s as a family disease and therefore as an opportunity to bring together generations of women — and the men who love them — to get the information and tools they need to take charge of their cognitive health.

We will be announcing our new grants in December. If you would like to continue fundraising for our Women’s Alzheimer’s Research Fund, please click here. We are continuing to raise money throughout November.