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Every 66 seconds someone in the United States develops Alzheimer's.


More than 60 percent of Alzheimer’s and dementia caregivers are women.

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The Women's Alzheimer's Movement shared Maria Shriver's live video.

Maria Shriver
Make sure you check out Maria Shriver's interview with author Marita Golden -- they talked about Alzheimer's in the African American community and Marita's new novel, The Wide Circumference of Love.
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I'm LIVE with author Marita Golden, discussing her new book, The Wide Circumference of Love, and Alzheimer's in the African American community. Tune in and send us your questions. Follow The Women's ...

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Cindy MartinezThank you Maria Shriver, for bringing awarness to this very complex disease. My morher is in the late stages of this dreadful disease.

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Maximum Health InternationalIMO stuff like this are great

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Our founder, Maria Shriver, joined Leah and John O'Neill in Vancouver at an event in support of The Women's Alzheimer's Movement and Alzheimer Society of B.C.. Leah is making a huge difference in her hometown. Tell us how you are making a difference in yours! #FlashbackFriday ... See MoreSee Less

Our founder, Maria Shriver, joined Leah and John ONeill in Vancouver at an event in support of The Womens Alzheimers Movement and Alzheimer Society of B.C.. Leah is making a huge difference in her hometown. Tell us how you are making a difference in yours! #FlashbackFriday

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Laura ClarkeI am an RN and work as a Geriatric Nurse Clinician at our Seniors Clinic in Chilliwack General Hospital . I assist in diagnosing dementia , care plan , problem solve, educate, navigate the system with patients and care givers and above all ADVOCATE:, for quality care/supports with compassion and caring in all cases. Proactive approaches rather than REactive bandaid solutions . Thank you for shining a Light on this extremely overlooked and under estimated health crisis.

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Nelita CashI teach at an elementary school in Muskogee Oklahoma. For the last eight years we have had an 80's for Alzheimer's dance to raise money for the Alzheimer's Association. Students dress up 80s style and proceeds from the dance are donated to the Alz Association. During the month of the dance, students are taught grade-level appropriate lessons about Alzheimer's and the Brain. Our graduating 6th graders last year had been taught a lesson about Alzheimer's every year from kindergarten through sixth grade. Our school is 100% free lunch but our students have raised over $2,000 for Alzheimer's research. Currently we have a donation drive going on until the 31st of March to raise funds for Alzheimer's Association. The class that raises the most, gets to vote for the teacher of their choice to kiss a pig. 😚🐖 We recently instated purple Tuesdays for Alzheimer's... all staff and students wear purple in support of a cure, and my family, which has lost 8 to The disease. The students are now making a movement to turn our community purple on Tuesdays. We have already engaged several teachers at each of the schools in our district-there are 11-and we know it's just a matter of time before it takes off in Muskogee. I also pushed to start the first Tulsa Oilers Alzheimer's hockey game last year, which raised over $12,000 for the Association. I don't have the means or mind to find a cure, but I have the drive and heart to push until we get there.

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Rivet Revolution💜💜💜

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Have you registered for Move for Minds yet? Join The Women's Alzheimer's Movement and Maria Shriver for a one-of-a-kind experience focusing on the mind/body connection while raising funds to wipe out Alzheimer’s, a disease that disproportionately affects women.

Participants will register, raise funds and experience a specially designed brain-body workout, a marketplace with brain healthy snacks, and a panel conversation featuring superstars of brain research, fitness, nutrition and more.

Register NOW: moveforminds.org
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Kala CotaYou Are A Thief! You crept into my life like a thief in the night Slowly, quietly, you needed no light You stole from me everything that I am And when you were done, you let the door slam Slowly, my abilities, each one disappeared I knew it was happening; I was caught up in fear I made lists, by the dozens, I tried to take notes But day after day, you stole what I wrote You took my car, I couldn’t drive anymore I had to beg rides to the grocery store You stole my house; I can no longer live there I miss my neighbors; I’d known them for years I’m surrounded by people, they say are my friends I have people called caregivers on whom I depend You stole my freedom; there are locks on the doors What once was my life will be nevermore You robbed me of my family, they have faded away They say I have grandchildren, why couldn’t they stay? You plucked them from my memory, you are a thief! You’re stealing my children, there’s no relief You stole their names, I can no longer recall Soon, I’m sure, you’ll take them all My words are gone, you put those in your sack Carried them out, oh, how I want them back! The frustration I feel! You stole so much from me! I’d like to tell you! But with no words, I can’t speak I shuffle along; I once was surefooted and fast I wonder what you’re saving…what will be last… You stole from me the life that I’d lived What are you waiting for, what else can I give? You have all my memories; you cut them out with a knife You are a thief, one day you’ll take my life… But I’m surrounded by family and people who care No matter what happens I know they are there I feel their love, I see their sweet smiles You can’t take that away, with your picks and your files They walk right beside me, they won’t let me fall On this journey through life, until I hear the call You can’t steal my faith, you can’t tear us apart I have the love of Jesus locked away in my heart. The angels will come and steal me from you Carry me home and all my dreams will come true They’ll return everything that you took from me I’ll be whole once again, from you, I’ll be free! Written by: Kala Cota in honor of my mom, Faye Millis Sword

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Maximum Health Internationalwho else loves this ?

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