Move For Minds™
Train Your Brain. Train Your Body. Make Them Last a Lifetime.

MOVE FOR MINDS ™ is an afternoon of information and inspiration for everyone who wants to move the needle forward on Alzheimer’s—personally, professionally or politically.

We raise money through our crowd fundraiser for critical research into one of the biggest mysteries surrounding Alzheimer’s: Why 2 out of 3 brains that develop this mind-blowing disease belong to women. Participants pledge to raise a minimum of $250 through their networks. 100% of this money goes to fund gender-based scientific   studies.

MOVE FOR MINDS ™ is an experience to move the conversation from one of helpless acceptance about Alzheimer’s to one of empowered awareness about brain/body health.  Our Architects of Change LIVE conversations are with the superstars of brain science, fitness, nutrition, sleep, meditation and caregiving—all of whom share valuable knowledge about how to help prevent or delay Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

Participants move through an especially designed, M-Certified™  exercise routine.  It’s a fun and sophisticated workout developed specifically to enhance brain/body connection and teach you what you need to know to protect your future cognitive health.

Our Marketplace offers brain healthy snacks and drinks, innovative products and services, and books from best selling authors in the fields of brain health, nutrition and fitness.

We partner with Equinox Sports Clubs because we believe in moving the discussion of Alzheimer’s out of the laboratories and into our everyday lives, including the gym.

Join us. Together we can wipe out this mind-blowing disease, support our caregivers, and help save the world’s brains.


June 4, 2017 2-5pm
Equinox Sports Clubs
Los Angeles * New York *  Washington DC  * Boston  Miami * Dallas *
Orange County * San Francisco