by Cindy Persky, R.N

My “why” to advocate for more research money to go towards the Woman’s Alzheimer’s Movement is pretty simple. Two of my grandmas and my mother-in-law all died of Alzheimer’s. Now my father has early onset Alzheimer’s. My amazing mom is on her third rodeo of being a caregiver.

It’s even bigger than that, though. I have four children of my own and three of them are women.

Almost four years ago I joined a company called Beautycounter and started learning about the hazards of toxic chemicals in personal care products and our overall environment—neuro toxins like lead, still found in many lipsticks; aluminum, found in deodorant; fluoride, found in toothpaste; heavy metals, found in makeup, etc. I started advocating immediately for health protective laws since discovering that there hasn’t been major changes in the “broken” beauty industry since 1938.

I’m proud to say I am going straight to DC this April through my Beautycounter business to lobby for more health protective laws. Only two individuals from each state get this honor to use their voice for change.

I knew I must be a part of the solution to help leave this next generation with better solutions to not only prevent Alzheimer’s but to be able to find a cure.

By continuing to use my voice and raising money to keep funding research, I hope my efforts will ultimately help find a cure. As Maria talks about being an architect of change I know I want to fall under that category when people talk about me. It’s the only way to leave a legacy behind for my children and generations to come.

Our fundraiser was called GET CRAZY FOR YOUR BRAIN, and I’m proud to report that we raised over $5,000!

Thank you, Cindy, for all of your dedication and great work!

Wherever you live, you can join The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement and support the effort to find a cure for Alzheimer’s by creating your own fundraiser! To get started, CLICK HERE.