In 2010, “The Shriver Report: A Woman’s Nation Takes on Alzheimer’s” broke new ground when it publicly reported for the first time that Alzheimer’s disproportionately impacts women.

The study, produced by Maria Shriver in partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association, highlighted the epidemic’s effect on women as caregivers, advocates and people living with this disease. In addition to featuring expert reviews of issues and trends, the report also featured original photography and personal essays by contributors including Barbra Streisand, former First Lady Laura Bush, President Ronald Reagan’s daughter Patti Davis, Terrell Owens, Soleil Moon Frye and former Vice President Joe Biden.

Ann O’Leary, Chief of Staff to California Governor Gavin Newsom, also contributed to the report at the time. O’Leary wrote an in-depth analysis of Alzheimer’s impact on the workplace.

In honor of Gov. Newsom’s recent announcement that he has included a $3 million allocation for Alzheimer’s research and the creation of a Brain Health Task Force as part of his 2019-20 state budget proposal, The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement wanted to re-share O’Leary’s essay from The Shriver Report. Click the link below to read more.