WAM is teaming up with artist Robert Farber and Art x Puzzles to bring you two limited edition puzzles.

Deterioration 155 is from Farber’s fashion archive of images that go back to the 70s, he not only rediscovered images that would now be considered classic or vintage, but also a new life in the works themselves, created only by his collaboration with time. The deterioration of the transparencies is the result of the film’s chemical reaction from decades of sitting in non-archival plastic sleeves. Other than the natural process of deterioration, no retouching or manipulation was done to the images.

Robert Farber says he shot Walking the Dog “in the Meatpacking District of New York City in 1989. It was part of the campaign for a high-end fashion client from Germany who wanted an editorial campaign of New York City ‘on the edge.’ So we see the juxtaposition of a high fashion girl walking her bulldog in what was a very open area of the city.”