Read the recipe for the Rise n’ Shine Smoothie Bowl below


Smoothie bowls are like thick version of smoothies you eat with a spoon (instead of a straw). I love smoothie bowls because they take longer to eat, encourage chewing (which helps with digestion), and allow for all kinds of nutrient-rich toppings! When I first started sharing recipes on, smoothie bowls had just hit the health food scene. I took every opportunity to experiment and this combination was one that stuck. You can turn this into a smoothie by adding more milk. 

Makes 2 Servings


1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk
1 large frozen banana
1 heaping cup frozen mango or mixed berries
1 cup packed baby spinach
1 tablespoon hemp seeds
1 tablespoon whole flax seeds
1 tablespoon well-stirred almond butter
Pinch cinnamon

Optional Toppings

1/4 cup Cinnamon-Spiced House Granola
Chia seeds, goji berries, fresh berries, shredded coconut


1. Add all the smoothie ingredients to a blender in the order listen. Blend on high until smooth, using your tamper to assist with the blending. For a thicker smoothie, reduce milk.
2. Divide the smoothie between bowls and garnish as you wish!


Recipes excerpted from The Plant-Based Cookbook. Copyright © 2021 by Ashley Madden. Photography by Ashley Madden. Used with permission of Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.

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