Why do US nursing facilities lock Alzheimer’s and dementia individuals in hallways and give them limited access to the outdoors? Why do we not properly staff to give enough people to feed those with dementia that cannot feed themselves? Why do we not feed those with dementia a diet that has been researched to be not only healthier for those individuals with dementia, but is healthy for all geriatric conditions? Why do nursing facility nurses only give out meds in lieu of checking the resident daily for physical and mental health? Why do more and more good memory care facilities only take private pay, which deletes lower and middle class income individuals quality care they so deserve? Why are the nursing facilities extremely understaffed? The answer is money and yet we are the richest nation….. Ever since a car accident 5 years ago, my life was taken away from me as I knew it, therefore, in my new norm, which is permanent, not temporary like the virus, God led me to create a facility that will address all of the above and more! Since the Coronovirus, I have seen people sharing who are spending more time with families, they are making the homemade breads of their grandma’s recipe, they are enjoying their porches more than normal. I am finally being introduced to Maria Shriver’s Sunday Morning Paper and now her Alzheimer’s Movement. Did I mention the new concept daycare that will be a part of our skilled nursing village? It’s the same one Maria did a story on in the past. This virus has created relationships with area women who are on a mission for community, even some I didn’t know existed in our little town. Watch as tragedy turns into a new concept skilled nursing facility for those with Alzheimer’s and other dementias spread all across the US because that is how we should care for our seniors. Thank you Maria for all of your initiatives!