I watched my grandfather for years, as he took on the role of primary caregiver for both his father, and sister. I watched my mother and grandmother try their hardest to be a support to him, and saw first hand, the toll that Alzheimer’s takes on entire families.

I joined my local Walk to End Alzheimer’s Committee when I was 17. Now at 23, I have attended a Leadership Summit, 4 State Advocacy Days, 4 National Forums, acted as my Walk’s first AIM chair, raising awareness for the Alzheimer’s Association’s Advocacy arm, and even become an Ambassador to my State Representative in Florida’s 21st District.

I have adjusted my career path and now work as a Program Specialist at a local Memory Care Facility. Additionally, I have recently become certified to facilitate support groups so that I may better serve my residents’ families.

With each opportunity I am given, I know that I am taking more steps towards relieving the burden that Alzheimer’s has placed on over 5 million Americans and the 16 million caregivers who dedicate their lives to them.