“I am using my brain to wipe out Alzheimer’s through helping organize the Alzheimer’s Association, running support groups, chapters and improving our state and national advocacy effort, and later, running innovative pilot interventions to treat or reduce risk of Alzheimer’s, some funded by the national Alzheimer’s Association. Today, continue to innovate practical lifestyle programs, by integrating current research, to promote BRAIN HEALTH, including an evidence-based nutritional program called Memory Preservation Nutrition. Goal is to help individuals and organizations improve nutrition and other evidence-based lifestyle to reduce risk of MCI, Alzheimer’s, and other dementias as well as to slow down cognitive decline and improve quality of life of those with diagnoses. For example, Amazing Place, a day program for people with Alzheimer’s participants in Houston Texas has 100% changed the menu, recipes, and pantry ingredients to now serve brain healthy food, and assisted living companies have innovated healthier menus and snacks.”