Too often families going through Alzheimer’s, or other types of dementia, are isolated. I aim to change that with come-as-you-are “neighborhood memory cafes”. Inside easily accessible cafes, care-partners and loved ones can enjoy a family meal, immerse in the arts, let go of stress and refuel with hope. The idea bloomed four years ago, and it stuck. Now, there are four places in my community for families to enjoy a respite, simultaneously for the caregiver and the loved one. As the disease progresses, our loved ones (like my mother) lose the ability to use their voice, attend to their own needs, and so much more. The neighborhood memory cafes provide a dedicated peaceful space to get out and about, while it is still safe to do so. It is my heart’s desire to see others replicate such cafes. Every family living through Alzheimer’s deserves places of acceptance and support within their larger community. I firmly believe that painful isolation ends with purposeful immersion.