“My book is being used by Project Lifesaver International (a non-profit comprised of retired law enforcement and first responders) to train law enforcement agencies nationwide on crisis communications involving persons with dementia. I serve as a co-moderator on a nationwide online support group for caregivers (USAgainstAlzheimer’s a group dedicated to finding a cure) and on a recent mission trip to China I got to meet and invite the Secretary General of Alzheimer’s Disease China, Dr. Lu-Ning Wang to share her research with ResearchersAgainstAlzheimer’s to help unite global scientific efforts in the quest for a cure. I help the National Dementia Action Alliance make lives better for persons living with dementia currently as a work group co-chair and travel the country speaking to as many caregiver groups as I can. My grandfather was the kind of person in our small town that everyone went to first when they needed a hand with something because he never refused to help others. I wish my grandfather had never had to go through what he did with Alzheimer’s, but he would have been the first one to want to help others through it. I try to do that every day now on his behalf.”