Alzheimer’s has affected my life for the last thirty years. My beautiful grandmother had the disease, as did her father, and my mother was one of her main caregivers and now my mother is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, and I am one of her main caregivers. My mom was finally able to retire after working so hard her entire life and she had dedicated her life to service to others. She was able to impact so many lives and watching her have to give up her volunteer work due to cognitive decline was heart wrenching.

Now as a 44 year old married mom of two young kids I am terrified. Terrified that I’m falling short of being the best mom. Terrified of being a bad wife. Terrified of being a bad daughter. Mostly terrified of this destructive disease that seems to be in its fourth generation or more?

I’m beyond thankful to this organization for their efforts in finding out why women are more prone to get Alzheimer’s than men. I know there is hope and I’m always looking for it.