My story begins similar to many others. However, my family members blamed me for ‘making Mom crazy’ as my life was highly stressful and assumed that it was spilling over into my mother’s difficulty to cope with her life. It was a terrible time to endure and decided to take ownership of what was happening to my Mother. I reached out to everyone and anyone, including medical staff, coworkers, caregivers, and even strangers for their insight and support. I found everything I needed. Today my mother is doing well. She was officially diagnosed in 2015 and enjoys a full and rewarding life without fear and confusion. I am her only daughter, her namesake, and her strongest advocate. No one is alone in this fight. Family may not always be helpful and even cause more hindrance, but there is always a way through it. Don’t give up. I created an Alzheimer’s Awareness public park in my hometown. It lights up purple every night to represent the struggle of sundowning and to show someone cares. #endalz