My Husbands Mom showed signs at 54 years, living until the beautiful age of 86. She often would hug me and thank me for protecting her. I could see how frightened she was, reassuring her she was safe and all of us were being there protecting her and loving her all the more.

I know that nutrition is vital to my brains health. I am having test now for signs of neurological problems affecting my body mind and soul. I must be mindful to be gentle with my self and others. I have learned the craft of Intentional Creativity. Keeping it sacred in everything I do. I have faith and believe in beautiful tomorrows…we create them today. It is the gift… that’s why it’s called the present a gift from God.
Blessings dear ones.

People deserve to live in gentle, Loving environments where aliveness, delight and joy are norm. Anything less is an insult to the human spirit. Dr. Micheal Ryce