My name is Julie and Alzheimer’s has affected me and my family now in a big way. My mother started showing signs around 5 years ago. But nothing most people would really think anything about. I had worked with people with this disease before so I knew the signs, but no one wanted to hear what I had to say. They just acted as if I were nuts to even begin to suggest that. As it progressed I began to beg her to please go to the doctor and she refused. My father still didn’t want to believe it either. She had been put to sleep for Thyroid surgery and one of the doctors had said with her age that sometimes when they’re put to sleep it can cause some memory loss and things like the trouble she was having and with time it would get better. Don’t get me wrong, I hoped that he was right, but I also knew this had started way before all of that. But it sadly gave my father, mother and the family something to grab hold of and run with instead of listening to me and taking to get help sooner. But around a year later it had started to progress to the point where it was getting dangerous. Her mother passed away and I know that had some affect on her. She started progressing at a very rapid pace after that. To the point where my father and family couldn’t deny this anymore. And so my father agreed that it was time to take her to a doctor. We had to trick her into going. And of course we had to take her license. I remember her just in tears because she was losing everything. And this last year it has progressed so very quickly that she’s no longer even able to remember my children’s names. She can no longer write her name, she can’t care for herself, & she’s even gotten to the point where she needs adult diapers from no longer being able to get to the bathroom in time. She’s still there in a way! She can still talk about things and she has some days better than others. But she is progressing so so fast and it breaks my heart. I care for her and help my father with things he needs help with also. I mean they are in their 70’s. So this is my story and why I’m supporting this movement and because we need more resources and research into this so we can somehow fight this disease!!