Thank you to Maria Shriver and all the women who are forging ahead to help find a cure for Alzheimer’s. Although my mother was stricken in her 80’s with a different form of dementia, her slow demise along with the very sad deterioration of her once bright and agile mind, caused me to spend years exploring and researching. During that time a neighbor was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s. This had a most profound effect on me and more so on her family members.

As a long time yoga practitioner and teacher for several years, I’ve always believed in the mind, body, spirit connection. However, as experts research this terrible disease further, we see that although diet, exercise of brain and body are important, there is indeed more that adds to the cause of this disease.

I felt the need for my writing to find a public forum to embrace and educate with humor and love. The has resulted in my latest play THIS LIFE. A work that has now taken ten years; four years after my brother and I were informed of my mother’s diagnosis and her inevitable demise over seven years began.

I look forward to becoming a part of this most necessary and important movement.

Thank you and warm wishes,
Anna Simone Scott